Alternative Facts in Trump Land

TrumpThink – Create alternative facts to real facts, question the real facts, make the alternative facts plausible and seem credible, even opposing facts.

Obama’s approval ratings rose through out the campaign and Trump still won. Over 200 Counties Obama won twice voted for Trump.


All press is good press, even bad press is good

Ratings are votes

Dominate the 24 hour media cycle

Say and do the most outrageous things possible:

“A Few Oldies but Goodies”

  1. Pick a fight with the Pope
  2. Insult everyone and every institution, he even insulted his own followers “He loves the uneducated”
  3. Talk About Torture and claim that is works (Alternative Fact)
  4. Place the media in a “Caged Pen” at the back of your audiences and point to the pen and call them all dirty liars and have your audience scream and point at the media.
  5. Never apologize for anything, never back down, Trump stands for all the “Forgotten People” that the rest of us forgot. He is the “Great White Hope.”
  6. Admires Putin and call for the Russians to “Hack Hillary Clinton’s emails” Oh Gee, they did hack her emails and gave them to Wikileaks.
  7.  Syrian refugees were pouring into the country not properly vetted (Alternative Fact)
  8. The list goes on and on, there were so many outrageous things in the campaign.

Trump’s leadership style is to move on, create the next outrageous story. He just goes on and on. It feels like an avalanche of just one crazy alternative fact after another until he creates his own alternative reality which I call “Trump World”. It feels like a parallel universe. I just spent the last week trying to explain to a former student from Yemen who is scared out of his mind of being deported to his war torn country, how everything will be alright. We let this happen, we have to fix it. Spread the truth.

Other Trump Leadership Traits

Give an opponent an easily definable negative name

Define opponent as having undesirable qualities

Use adjectives to describe undesirable qualities of opponents

Do not argue substance, argue alternative facts (Give a plausible explanation)

Opponents are the same old boring politicians who have done nothing in their careers except benefit themselves and other interest groups

Never admit to anything (Call into question the motives and character of the accusers)

Deny, Deny, Deny – (Question the validity of the story)


Trump is an amateur and is allowed to make mistakes

Trump is a successful business man and everything he touches is successful (alternative fact)

Trump had a bit of wild streak as a younger man but has now settled down is a christian family man. Have Franklin Graham give testimony to this alternative fact.

Trump is constantly being attacked by the elite liberal media who along with the Democrats implement a political correct agenda in America

Trump is the underdog, he represents the average person, the new voice of the people who tells it like it is

Because Trump is so Brash he has lots of enemies

America is weak as a result of our establishment leaders who have sold us out


Question the motives of politicians

All politicians are crooks until they support Trump

Question and Doubt everything about the Government

Democrats are weak

Democrats favor minorities over whites

Republicans are sheep

Alternative Reality – Facts

Trump cannot release his taxes because of an IRS audit.

The White House is a fine tuned machine under his leadership.

Executive orders proves that Trump is keeping his promises.

There is a shadow Government that is working against Trump.

Obama is leading the “Shadow Government.”

Russian connection leaks are done by “Obama Operatives” inside the intelligence agencies.

Democrats are obstructing Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda.