Alternative Reality

Is this information, real data or alternative facts? Trump World is the land of half-truths and fiction. It has been described as a “Surreal World” at times. Floating between between President Trumps Alternative Facts and The Truth can be confusing at times. “Trump World” is a murky world of  fiction that deals in half-truths, lies and disinformation that becomes Alternative Reality polluted with Alternative Facts. Trump World then is sold as reality by a plethora of Trump Loyalists and Trump Apologists. The Alternative Facts are repeated over and over in a Make America Great narrative  all forms of mediain

that are repeated over and over by one apologist after another.Trump World is an avalanche of half-truths, lies, disinformation, loyalists, apologists another. After awhile there is so much disinformation it becomes real information.    Reality and Alternative Reality can be one in the same. Take for example how comfortable the Republicans seem to be over Trumps Man Crush on Putin. Not only that but they seem very cool about the Russians tampering in the election. Imagine a World where Republicans are not “Going Fucking Nuts over the Russians” after 17 US Intelligence Agencies inform them, “The Russians Did It”. This only happens in Trump World. In the “Real World” the Republicans would be holding investigations immediately and passing severe sanctions and talking tough about Putin.

We hear and supposedly see real news through our media and then we hear the other side, the alternative facts universe of Donald J. Trump. It starts to become confusing as to what information is “Real”.

Howard Stern may be the “King of all Media”, Donald Trump is the King of Trump World. A World of Alternative “Facts” and “Fiction” about the “Real World”.

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