Exclusive Ivanka Trump Initiated Trade Talks with Canada

TME Reporter Bing Bong is reporting that Ivanka Trump initiated secret bi-lateral trade talks with members of the Canadian Government the day after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the White House. Trudeau and President Trump met with female leaders for a round table discussion as the two countries work to launch the United States Canada Council for the Advancement of Women Business Leaders-Female Entrepreneurs.

Ivanka Trump and 24 females CEO’s  attended the meeting. After the meeting Ivanka and the CEO’s met by themselves along with some Canadian officials . It was during that meeting  Bing’s sources  said the attendees discussed opening bi-lateral trade talks immediately on seeing what it would take to trade for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  At the meeting the Female Canadian Ambassador was asked by Ivanka if the Canadians would ever consider such a possibility?  Canadian Ambassador Ellen Page was not sure how the Canadians would take it but she would make an inquiry to see if it might be possible to enter into negotiations. The next day talks were started secretly by both parties.

Bing’s sources also say that Ivanka was very upset initially about trade talks replacing her father with Justin Trudeau. Grace Hooper CEO of 9D World Environments  assured Ivanka that her company could create a 9D Virtual Trump World for the President and he could live inside of himself. His new world will be nothing but positive stories about himself. He would never suspect that he was in his own reality.

In Trump World Protests would turn into huge Rally’s.

Politicians will coward to him.

Obama Care will become Trump Care and it will be cheaper and the people will love him for it.

There will be so many new jobs the people will love him even more.

Hollywood will love him. Stars and Hollywood elites try to cozy up to him whenever they get a chance.  Hollywood buys so many membership to Mar-a-Lago he has  to limit their number of visits. Mar-a-Lago becomes the World Center of Power every weekend. He picks who can attend among world leaders, business leaders , movie stars, musicians, media figures and other important figure types every Thursday morning for the weekend gala. It is seen as a n honor to be invited. They come baring gifts.

He has so many gifts he starts the Donald J. Trump gifts for the uneducated and gives away some of the gifts.

World leaders love him and beg him to visit their countries. Putin warms to him and gives up his communists ways for Trumps vision of Capitalism.

The Queen of England honors him with a knighthood “Sir Donald”. The Queen calls him and Melania the King and Queen and America.

His name is mentioned in every Hollywood awards ceremonies by someone important.

African Americans will grow to love him when they see his inner city crime policies work and he creates jobs in their communities.

Hispanics grow to love him after he lets all the safe deportees back into the US as citizens. He cuts a deal with the Mexican Government the deportees build the wall and they come back as legal citizens.

Muslims are so so, except for businesses leaders and rulers who love America!

Business leaders honor him. They praise his business prowess and genius. Mark Cuban begs him for his forgiveness  publicly.

The media will come to Trump Tower every morning into a large ballroom with just a stage and podium. The media will bow down on their knees and place themselves into a prey position on the carpet as he comes onto the stage and is introduced as “Trump the Great and Powerful.”  He will call of them one by one as he sees fit. The media will grow to adore him. They all beg the President to give them an interview.

He will be so loved that in 2020 there will not be one challenger. Not even the democrats want to run against him.

In 2024 the Congress will pass a law begging him to run for an historic third time.

He will learn by himself to be himself and love himself unto himself and find happiness within himself and in the end be himself unto himself.

Ivanka thought about it and announced to the group that she agreed to trade talks.

Bong says his sources tell him the ladies are building narratives depending on how the talks turn out. Bong said he over heard Wendy the Slow Adult from the Howard Stern Show  saying “Where in the Hell is the Maple syrup  for my pancakes.” .

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