How Dumb was Flynn

Whether this guy was guilty of anything or not he should have been fired because he is a freaking idiot. Think about it? Flynn, was the national security adviser for Trump and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence under Obama. Supposedly Obama fired him for being incompetent, he says otherwise. Either way, I think everyone would agree this guy should be knowledgeable in intelligence gathering. Well I propose General Flynn did not even understand the basics of spying.
On the same day that President Obama announced sanctions against the Russians this fool called the Russian Ambassador. Did it even come into Flynn’s mind to think the all 17 US Intelligence Agency’s would be monitoring every Russian communication channel on that day?
How could this man who headed two US Intelligence Agency’s call the Russian Ambassador on that day? Really, he did not realize that the Russian Ambassador calls were always listened in on by the brave men and women in the Intelligence Agency’s who protect our country from those who would do harm to us.
Was Micheal Flynn asleep is in his Spy 101 class when the professor stressed that all ambassadors are a source of intelligence and even our allies record the US ambassador.. So whether you agree or not with his firing this man was dangerous to the country and should have been fired for stupidity!
”The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” – Albert Einstein

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