Nazi CIA Agents Have President Trumps Back!

Nazi CIA Agents support Donald Trump and are ready to swear their allegiance to him says Nazi Spokesperson Heinrich Himmler  . Himmler informed the press that  Nazi CIA Agents took Donald Trumps campaign comments as a compliment. Himmler believes Trump will the strong leader American Nazis can be proud of. Himmler calls Trump “The Great White Hope of all Americans.  Himmler also agrees with President Trumps assessment that traitors exist in US Intelligence agencies.

nazi salute
             “Heil President Trump!

Himmler hopes Trump will organize the Nazi CIA Agents into their own unit and let them investigate the other intelligence agencies for traitors. Himmler had hoped to be appointed head of the NSA. His nomination was derailed when this photo of his hemorrhoid was leaked by someone inside the Trump Court to the Sleazy Media. It is believed the photo was leaked by a smart ass inside of Himmler’s Proctologist office.

Heinrich Himmler Hemorrhoids


Trump insiders do not trust him and consider Himmler very Anal. A court insider  informed us that Himmler was referred to as Anal Boy “Heinie ” inside the Trump Court. The Nazis are loosely associated with the Alt Right Movement in the US. During the 2016 Republican convention Himmler an Organizational Expert submitted this chart to re-organize the US Government to the Republican Platform. Himmler was voted down by the Alt Right member on the Platform Committee who thought the chart was too liberal. This was seen as an attempt by the  Alt Right group to consolidate power inside the Trump Campaign.

nazi organization chart
                                                                                                                               Nazi Organization Chart