President Trump Cites High Rates of Crime by Immigrants in Sweden

President Trump called out Sweden for it’s liberal immigration policies in a speech to supporters in Florida on Saturday. President  Trump citing a Fox News segment (Real News) that crime was running rampant in Sweden after letting in almost 200,000 immigrants from the middle east. Trump said “The IKEA network is alive and well in Sweden and the Swedish people are suffering with a huge crime increase, bad very bad!”  President Trump alluded to fires started by IKEA terrorist in the streets from the Fox report.

Swedish officials questioned President Trumps remarks by releasing the police blotter which showed a real Moose trying to hump and fake wooden Moose and said this was the only crime on Saturday night in Sweden. When asked about the Swedish Governments response White House spokesmen Sean Spicer said “The President had received information from a high level Fox contributor  that the Moose was a high level IKEA terrorist”.

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