President Trump has Microwaves and a Cat removed from the White House

Kelly Anne Conway in a interview about President Trumps claim that former President Obama tapped his phones she said “The President was referring to wiretapping of the Trump Campaign.” Kelly Ann went on to say the Government could tap anything including microwaves and animals. Our reporter Bing Bong has learned from a source inside the White House that all the microwaves were being removed along with “Bojangles” and outside cat that had been hanging around the White House since the Clinton Administration.

Pepe Le Pew the White House Chef was reportedly very upset over the microwave removals.  Andre Nostradamus the Asst. Chef said Le Pew was so angry he was throwing kitchen utensils in the White House kitchen at a portrait of President Trump while cussing in french. Long time White House gardener Leadbelly  was very upset that Bojangles was captured and escorted off the White House properties by the Secret Service. I remember when Bojangles followed President Clinton home on one his morning jogs. Bojangles was a little kitty at the time and President Clinton picked him up and looked at him and handed Bojangles to me and said “A little pussy never hurt anyone Lead” and laughed as he walked away.


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