President Trump Hires Plumbers to Fix Leaks

Our Supreme Leader Donald J. Trump is concerned about leaks coming out of the White House. In order to investigate these leaks President Trump will active the White House Plumbers. The President shared that his extensive background as a builder tells him that leaks are Bad, Very Bad! The White House could be ruined if the leaks are not plugged. “The Peoples House is in serious trouble and I cannot go to the bathroom without someone leaking, it’s horrible, bad, bad, very bad” President Trump said.

The Plumbers have not been used since Richard M. Nixon Presidency. G. Gordan Liddy head of the Plumbers  thanked the Supreme Leader and vowed to find all the leaks in the White House and plug them.  Liddy went on to say “even the President agrees that being plugged is a good thing at times”.

white house plumbers
Trump activates White House Plumbers