President Trump Humiliates Mexican President

Trump’s Spokesperson Irmfried Eberal informed the press Supreme Leader Trump sent Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto back to Mexico. When asked about the statement released by the Mexican Goverment saying they cancelled the meeting. Irmfried Eberal called the statement “Fake News“. The real story is President Trump sent him packing back to Mexico. The President is considering sanctions against Mexico because Mexico took back its promise to pay for “The Wall” during the campaign. Eberal went on to say President Trump was like “Lucy pulling the ball away from Charlie Brown

In response to President Trumps actions, Che Guevara  President of the Mexican Restaurant Association says “Viva La Mexico, “Burritos will no longer be made in the United States in protest to President Trumps behavior”. The twitter sphere went through the roof  after Mr Guevaras  remarks. Trump Supporters were trending all day on Twitter. Here is a tweet from long time Trump Supporter “John Lennon

“No burritos, that is not good man” I believe that a mans choice of food is protected by the first amendment.

Mr. Trump you are stepping on “All Americans Constitutional Rights Sir”.

Told supporters bombarded the twitter-sphere all day with disappointing tweets against Trumps actions.

Trump  tweeted back late in the day:

trump tweet-buritto
trump tweet-buritto

His tweet was cheered by his supporters. Twitter lit up with adulation for the “Freedom Burrito“. The Presidents supporters cheered him on. Idi Amin a Trump supporter tweeted out that this proved President Trumps Team had the Highest IQ ever.

Josef Mengele   leading research scientist  at the FDA responded to President Trumps tweet by tweeting a photo of what he called “The Trump Freedom Burrito” .

                  Freedom Burrito

Mengle went on to say there would be a variety of Trump Freedom Burritos for the American People to chose from.   The twitter-sphere went quiet after Mengles  tweet.

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