President Trump Spots Obama in the White House Bathroom

Supreme Leader Donald J. Trump tweeted this stunning accusation early this Saturday morning:

trump tweet- obama spy's on trump
trump tweet- obama spy’s on trump

President Trump has accused former President Obama of  “Running a Secret Government”, but this remarkable comment that he saw Obama in the White House bathroom has stunned the world. Even his supporters at seemed shocked at first. The twitter-sphere suddenly became quiet for two minutes and 27 seven seconds.  It was a moment of silence never seen on twitter before. When ISIS leader El BagDaddy was asked why ISIS did not take advantage of the the time on twitter he responded “The tweet confused me”. The the twitter-sphere and the media exploded after the silence! Grace Hooper  head engineer for twitter said it was the highest volume of chatter ever recorded in history.

The Democrats immediately questioned his sanity and no Republicans could be found for comment. Pundits were lambasting thousands of theories as to the meaning of the Presidents tweet.  Stories began to leakin from the “President’s Inner Circle“, “Obama was Spotted”, “The President was Half Asleep”, “The President was up tweeting before his staff knew it”,  and the most bizarre “The President did believe the former President Barrack Obama was running a secret government against him in the White House”. Shawn Humanity speculated that Obama has a secret house in Washington and sneaks into D.C. and gives orders to what he called “The Secret Government” . When told the the Obama’s stayed in Washington so their daughter could finish school, Hummainty responded “That was fake news”. Chuck Todd wondered “Is Trump Crazy or was  he crazy as a fox?  Hillary Clinton and Kate Mckinnon tweeted simultaneously “We told you so, lol”. Mika cried tears of sadness for the country, Joe  appeared to be perplexed by the Presidents tweet. Babba O’Reily  questioned the Presidents questioning of the tweet by questioning the Presidents tweet or others questioning the President’s tweet and ended his show with this is questionable.

George Jefferson asked  Weezy “What the Hell is the Honkee up to with this nonsense” and Weezy responded “This white man is crazy George”!  The Black Caucus called for a “Day of Prayer”, the Atheist quickly agreed with the Black Caucus and started praying, the Hispanic Caucus voted to join the Canadian Parliament , the Asian Caucus  voted to join them in Canada, The Women’s Caucus voted to have President Trump Certified by a group of the top Doctors in the US.

On the twitter-sphere people speculated where was Obama in the bathroom? Some thought he was in the mirror, some thought he was in the actual bathroom with Trump and others believed he was in the toilet staring at President Trump after his morning dump. Richard Spencer the Alt-Right spokesman and Trumps’s number one supporter said it was a hologram of Obama. Walter Cronkite ended his career after the tweet with this:



The President and the White House staff has had no further comment on the President’s tweet. Obama spokespeople released this picture of President Obama vacationing.

obama virgin vaca2
obama virgin vaca2