Supreme Leader Donald J. Trump Signs an Executive Order Declaring His Inauguration as the Largest Ever! Biggest in the History of Mankind!

Answer this question? Who will go down in history as the President with the largest inauguration in history? The answer, Donald J. Trump! President Trump signed an Executive Order declaring his inauguration as the "Largest Ever". In the Executive Order the Supreme Leader can count the Women's March as part of his inauguration numbers.

Executive Order
The Biggest Executive Order Ever!

Trumps Press Secretary Shawn Spicer informed the press that President Trump believes he won the women's vote and the Women were in Washington for his inauguration. People were saying they could not get onto the Mall for the inauguration because it so packed with with Trump supporters. Spicer said "It was obvious to the President that the Women showed their support by marching on Saturday and should be counted as part of the inauguration.

The Order directs the Media to switch media of the Women's March on Sat to the Inauguration Media  on Friday and vice versa. The Inauguration Media now will be the Women's March Media.  Spicer said that Regan McCook would be working with the media on this matter.

On "Meet The Press",  Kellyanne Conway said she believed President Trump had a right to his alternative facts and his supporters have a right to share in the Supreme Leaders alternative facts.


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