Tensions Mount Between North Korea and The United States

Tensions continue to mount between North Korea and United States. Kim jong-il tweeted that he was the first Supreme Leader on twitter and was the “Best” Supreme Leader. Speculation immediately began to heat up over the twitter stratosphere. When there was no immediate response from President Trump, tense chatter began among the common twitters. TME Media Consultant “Stretched Truth” described it as a “Nervous Chit-Chatter”.

Many in the twitter stratosphere believe Trump never sleeps and is 8 foot tall, while people in the twitter-sphere believes he is only 7 feet tall. At 3am est. Joseph Goebbels Minister of Information formerly the Department of Homeland Security raised the Chatter level to Purple level  on the twitter stratosphere meter. When asked if the American people might panic at Purple Level readings on the Twitter Machine, Minister Goebbiels pronounced that the German people, he paused and corrected himself and said true Americans will listen to their government and would not panic. As for the rest of the undesirables, they will have to fend for themselves.

At 04:05 hundred hours waves of black security vehicles began to arrive at the White House.   Reporters could see members of the Trump Security Team entering the White House. At 4:22 hundred hours Eric the Actor a long time wack-packer from the Howard Stern universe drove up to the White House in his wheelchair. As reporters yelled questions at Eric  he turned to them before entering the White House and said “F____ Jackie”  turned and wheeled away.  Stretched Truth called it  a “Surreal Moment” in American History.