Trump Caught on Tape with CIA Director Discussing North Korea

President Trump was caught on tape by our reporter Bing Bong as they discussed the North Korean crisis. Here is a transcript of that tape:

Pompeo: Sir we have to pick an appropriate response.

Trump: Kim jong ill could not even hold my jockstrap Mike.

Pompeo: Yes Sir

Trump: You should how big it is Mike, it’s huge.

Pompeo: Yes Sir

Trump: Have you ever seen it Mike?

Pompeo: No sir.

Trump: It is incredible Mike, probably the biggest jockstrap ever.

Pompeo: I believe you Sir.

Trump: Good, now what were we talking about?

The rest of the tape is muffled as Trump and Pompeo walk away. In other developments the administration left the twitter stratosphere level at purple. The chatter is off the charts as the world eagerly await President Trumps response. In the meantime Kim jong ill tweeted this picture of himself and Bill Clinton claiming that Clinton accepted Kim jong ill into the “Great Cocksmen Club”. It is believed that this tweet was meant to humiliate Trump who’s application to the “Cocksmen Club”  has been rumored to have been rejected because Trump would not submit a picture of his penis. Trump clains he never applied and if he did his penis was so huge he could not take a picture of it.
                                                                                          Cocksmen Club





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