Trump says “There is a New Sheriff in Town”

President Trump announced today that his “Cabinet” has the highest and biggest “Testosterone Level” ever, Trump went on to say “Probably biggest ever in history of the “United States and The World”. Trump said  “He heard people were saying this could be the biggest and best ever, ever in history.

Shawn Spicer later elaborated to the White House Press Corp the President wants everyone to know that there is a “New Sheriff” in town. He and the members of his new cabinet will be taking names and kicking asses in Washington.

When asked by TME reporter Bing Bong “What does that mean”?  Shawn Spicer answered “Everyone will see what the President means through his actions for the American People”. Spicer released this photo of a Sheriff’s Badge sent to him by a Real American Sheriff from Montana. President Trump will be carrying the badge into battle for the American People. President Trump will be issuing sheriff badges from different sheriff departments from around the country to each cabinet member in a private ceremony.

Sheriff's badge
Artwork template – Sheriff’s badge


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