Trump Sign an Bans Executive Order to Ban Muslims from the United States

President Donald J Trump has signed an Executive Order to ban Muslims from the United States. Reinhard Heydrich a spokesman for the Trump Administration later clarified that is was only a ban from 7 Muslim countries and insisted this was not a ban on all Muslims. Heydrich said there was no ban where Supreme Leader Trump had business interests, so there for, it proved it was not a ban on all Muslims. The Executive Order requires all Muslims in the United States will be required to wear a Star and Crescent Moon patch to help “True Americans” identify them. This would include Muslims who are American Citizens.  The penalty for not wearing a patch could be up to 99 years in prison. All Muslims are required to register at their local FBI offices to receive their patches.

Labor Secretary Andrew Putz says the Executive Order will be a boom for the clothing and dry cleaning industries creating millions of jobs for real Americans. Yu So Dum President of the Dry Cleaners of America Association was not so sure about Putz’s claims of millions of jobs. He thought white grandmothers in rural areas could undercut Dry Cleaning businesses.

El Bag-Daddio leader of ISIS said in a statement “This is an act of man with Mircopenis Syndrome“. When asked about Bag-Daddio’s statement Chief of Staff Reince Priebus  denied that he had a small penis and wished his ex-girlfreinds from college would quite posting comments about his penis on twitter. When TME reporter Dick Dick-Less reminded Priebus the comments were about President Trumps penis.  Preibus fired back at Dick-Less Donald Trump has a gorgeous penis with succulent balls that “True Americans” are be proud of.