Trump to Visit Smithsonian Black Museum

President Trump said he would be having lunch with  Fredrick Douglass while visiting the new Smithsonian Black Museum and looked forward to meet Fredrick  “A Great Black American“. while visiting the new Smithsonian Black Museum. When a reporter told the President that Fredrick Douglass was dead the President responded “That was Fake News and moved on”. The Supreme Leader went on to say “I am so honored to visit and see for myself the history of our “Black People here in America”.  He went on to say that there are so many great Black Americans like Sammy Davis Jr., George and Weezy Jefferson, Thurogood Jones, George Jefferson Carver and so many more great black people.  Supreme Leader Trump said February is Black History month and he is starting a new initiative to for all White Americans to invite a  black person to a chicken and watermelon dinner this month.  When asked by TME reporter Stretched Truth if white people into their homes for dinner the Presidents said “He would not go that far but they could meet them at a Popeye’s or a KFC”.  Trump also said he would be putting more police offices in the inner cities to control those blacks who needed controlled.

Tom Metzger White House spokesmen latter said “What President Trump meant to say about the Take a Black to Dinner Imitative is that White People really do not need to take a black person to dinner they need only to make a small donation to a White Nationalist group and he would be proud of them.

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